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Action Type: Mobility of youth workers


10 countries involved: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands


Topics: Quality And Innovation Of Youth Work, Key Competences Development, Youth Employability


Dates: 07.06.2023 – 13.06.2023, excluding travel days


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Next Stop: Coaching! is a project for you if you’re working with people who are having a vulnerable background and want to develop a coaching method for supporting them in 1:1 and in community settings.


We aim on bringing together 30 youth workers from 10 different countries in order to develop coaching skills, learn new tools, gain knowledge, expand competencies, and increase confidence to support youngsters and young adults in different projects, such as: ESC programs, youth exchanges, professional development activities, educational workshops, moreover in daily jobs and own initiatives.

Learning Approach & Working methods

We aim on creating the space for you to explore different coaching methods and tools, in a setting based on experiential learning (learning by doing). This means that during the training you get to practice together with your peers while making use of self-reflection and self-evaluation to support your learnings. 


The program is offering a pallette of tools such as: role play, case studies, improvisation theatre, body movement, storytelling where you get to explore different styles and methods. That’s why it is very important to be fully in and participate throughout all sessions. Moreover, we bring different coaching approaches inspired by systemic work and constellations, positive psychology, ontological coaching and alternative methods.


At the end of the training, you can fine-tune your own coaching method in which you can include the approaches learned or created by yourself throughout the program and integrate principles that serve you as a professional in working with your target group.

Timeline of the project

Requirements as a Participant

  • You are 18+
  • You are a youth worker (or youth leader, coordinator, ESC mentor, NGO staff or similar position)
  • Have upmost 2-3 years of experience in youth work
  • Your target group is represented by people who have a vulnerable background and fewer opportunities in life (eg. either facing social, geographical, economic obstacles – they live in isolated/rural areas, NEET, separated family, little access to education, etc.)
  • Want to develop coaching skills and practice coaching in a safe environment with your peers 
  • Desire to participate in an intercultural environment and work with people from around Europe
  • Want to develop your own style as a professional and bring added value to youth work
  • You are motivated and committed to participate in all phases: Online Assignments, the training and Local Action Phase/Follow up of the project

What you can take-away as a participant

  • Practice coaching tools and methods that can be used in one-to-one and community basis
  • Develop an inclusive attitude towards your target group and find out different ways to connect to it
  • Identify where the resistance comes from in relation with others and how to handle it
  • Expand your perspective by learning different approaches to crisis situations
  • Learn how to create dialogue for identifying connections between different problems instead of automatically reacting or going into advice-giving
  • Explore your limits and create the space for yourself and others to unfold what is stuck or blocked
  • Use reflection as a tool in working with people
  • Be more aware of your presence and how to use it to improve the quality of your relationships
  • Learn how to address issues openly to others and invite the others to adopt a collaborative attitude instead of a conflictual one
  • Increase the strenght of your Sage and weaken your Judge
  • Develop a working method that is serving you as a professional and further, the organization you are part of, bringing extra value to what you do


After the project, you will have the opportunity to complete your Youthpass certificate: a recognized instrument for non-formal and informal learning, used within Erasmus+ projects. You can find more information here.

Travel reimbursement

Erasmus Jeugdinstituut and Erasmus+ are offering travel reimbursement for all participating countries.


You will be reimbursed for your travel, up to €275.


Exception for Portugal, Madeira, where the travel is reimbursed up to €530, due to longer distance to the Netherlands.


The travel will be reimbursed to you a few days after the completion of the training course via bank according to the country you are coming from.


The training will take place in Ommen, the Netherlands, at Olde Vechte Foundation – group accommodation.

Partner countries

If you want to receive more details about the project before applying, feel free to contact our partner organization or contact us directly via the e-mail of Synchro Foundation.

How to register

If you want to register to the training you can complete the application form by clicking HERE, and be a  from one of the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands either as a citizen or resident.

If you are selected, you will further receive more information about your participation in the phases of the project, practical information and next steps.


Cristina Pavel

Has extensive experience in Psychology and Occupational Health and she is an accredited Coach recognized by International Coaching Federation.  She has been mentoring and coaching groups of youngsters with vulnerable backgrounds through ESC programs and has been active in coordinating Erasmus+ programs in the past 5 years.  Her main professional passion is coaching and her new professional love is systemic work. She enjoys shifting paradigms through stories and language and designing educational programs for youngsters and adults.

Agnieszka Zawiślak

Gratuated Educational Cultural Studies and Coaching Academy in Katowice, Poland, and is the Co-founder and Vice President of Association in the name of Children and Youth “We add wings”, in Poland.  Some of the areas of her work are coaching, pro-health education, particularly mental health and well-being of youngsters, entrepreneurship and global education. She enjoys bringing creativity, art and playfulness in all the projects she creates and supports in the development of various communities.